Fred Colla

Paintings & Digital Prints

Photo-15-6-19,-9-42-38-amPhoto-3-6-15,-9-01-02-amI have been a practicing and exhibiting artist, living and working in Melbourne, for 41 years. I graduated from Chisholm Institute of Technology, now Monash University, in 1978.
I have always worked using a wide range of subject matter. From invented city vistas to imaginary seascapes. Often in series and simultaneously.
The paintings are started using photos taken of places that interest me and then developed intuitively. The paint is kept thin and the canvas flat for most of the time. Rollers, sponges, scrapers as well as brushes are used. The city works being more about being IN the city rather than looking AT a particular view. The seascapes suggest an imaginary other world. The coast around Peterborough and Wilson’s Prom having the most interest for me.