Beatrice Magalotti

Sculptures & Works on Paper

I am a Melbourne based artist. My influences are from nature and the environment resulting in a playful and eclectic art practice. I embrace a wide range of different media in my sculptural work.  For example using skills formed in pursuit of familiar domestic crafts such as the use of crochet to create a bronze sculpture and embroidering on flywire.

Earlier this year I was able to spend 5 weeks in a remote part of Tasmania.  This residency gave me a taste of what can be achieved by being completely immersed in my work. I was able to bring back to Melbourne a small collection of wax sculptures and a number of ideas.

I have been exhibiting on a regular basis since 2002; my next exhibition which I am currently working towards will be in May 2018 at Red Gallery, North Fitzroy in which I will be exhibiting works developed in Tasmania.