Jo Davies

Ceramics and Assemblages

My Studio space has been many decades in the making and I am loving the creative space for my own ceramic and assemblage practice. With a background in education, I have developed a life long passion for learning, experimenting and discovering new ways of communicating with artwork.

Everyday, something new.

Nature, family, connections and relationships fuel my creativity.

My aim is to express the relationships between the maker and the artwork, the artwork and the viewer and ultimately between the artworks themselves.

Forms take on personalities, reminding me of observations in nature and when placed together, seem to communicate to each other. Table chatter. The light falling between trees. A family photo.

For you the viewer, I hope they speak to you too!

My Studio workshops offer an opportunity to share a nurturing studio environment with Adult makers of all creative stages.

Please contact me via email or on my Instagram page.

Time to think. Time to play, make mess, fail, succeed, experiment and discover.

8 Geneva Rd, Alphington